AutoSignature enables the automatic receiving of signatures for delivered mail pieces, either as an attached file, a hyperlink, or into an SFTP folder.  Signatures contain confirmation of delivery from either Confirmation Mail (through the Signature Confirmation service) or Certified Mail (through the Return Receipt Electronic Service).

1)  Hover over the “Account” tab in the tool bar. This will open a drop-down menu.

2)  In the drop-down menu, select the “AutoSignature” tab. A page will appear on which you may customize settings for how you will receive AutoSignature information each day.

3)  Verify that the “I want to enable AutoSignature” box is selected.

4)  Enter the email address to which the signatures will be sent.
  • The fields will default to the address specified in My Account, but can be changed to any valid email address.

5)  Choose the method in which the signatures will appear in the email.
  • The attachment option will send the signature as a PDF file.
  • The hyperlink option will include a link that redirects to a page containing all the signatures.
  • SFTP option will save files to a local SFTP server.
6)  Choose whether multiple signatures will be grouped as a PDF or a zip file.
  • If multiple PDFs will be sent in a zip file, determine whether the PDF files will be named in correlation with the Tracking Number or the Record/Case Number.

7)  Choose whether the files will be be organized by account or sent without organization.

8)  In order to have blank emails sent when no new signatures are available, check the “Receive blank AutoSignature emails if no signatures are available” box.

9)  When all changes have been made, hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.