When supplies, such as transactions and envelopes, need to be ordered, there are two options in which orders can be placed:

  • Customer Support can be contacted at (765) 250-4100
  • An email can be sent to support@eii-online.com with details for the order

When placing an order, the following information will be requested:

  • Product being ordered
  • Quantity needed
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Purchase Order number (if applicable)
  • Special instructions (if applicable)

ConfirmDelivery customers have an additional method available in which supplies can be ordered.

1)  Log into the ConfirmDelivery website

2)  Select ORDER SUPPLIES in the top right corner of the page or use the toolbar to navigate to Account > Order Supplies > Online

3)  Determine which supplies will be ordered and enter the quantity needed

4)  Select the shipping method that will be used
  • Ground/Freight
  • Overnight

5)  Click Continue when this section has been completed

6)  Verify that the information in the Shipping Information section is correct
  • This section will automatically populate with the information that was entered into the My Account section for the account holder
  • Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*)

7)  Complete the Billing Information section
  • Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*)
  • If the data is equivalent to the Shipping Information section, the Same as Shipping Information box can  be checked rather than populating the fields

8)  When all required fields have been populated, select Continue in the bottom right corner of the page

9)  Verify the product, quantity, and shipping method in the Order Details section that appears on the following screen

10)  Choose the method being used for payment
  • Billing Invoice will be chosen if you will be paying at a later date
    • If a purchase order is being specified, it can be entered using this method
  • Credit Card payments will charge automatically
    • A 3% convenience fee will be incurred when this method is used

11)  When all information is entered, click Finish

12)  Confirmation of the order's success will appear