At times, the stacker will need to be placed in Burn-In Mode to test the hardware functionality of a stacker.  If this is deemed necessary during troubleshooting, the following steps must be followed to enter and exit Burn-In Mode.

Entering Burn-In Mode

  • Quickly tap the diag button on the Stacker Control Board
    • The heartbeat will begin blinking more quickly
  • Hold the diag button until the yellow light next to the heartbeat turns on
  • Let go of the diag button
    • At this time, the diverter belts should begin cycling back and forth in steady increments

Exiting Burn-In Mode

  • Once the diverter functionality has been adequately tested, quickly tap the diag button twice in succession
    • The Stacker Control Board will exit Burn-In Mode, causing the diverter belts to stop cycling