After mail is submitted to the post office, it can be tracked directly from the website.  To view tracked mail, hover over the Track mail tab on the tool bar, then select the Track Mail tab that opens in the drop-down menu.
The Track Mail page offers two methods of tracking mail:
  • Multi-Criteria Search
  • Single Piece (Tracking Number) Search

Multi-Criteria Search

The Multi-Criteria Search tracks mail pieces based on date range, event type, recipient/company name, address, and record/case number.  By default, the date range is set to search between the current date and one month prior.

Single Piece Search

The Single Piece Search searches for individual pieces by tracking number.

Multi-Criteria Search Results

A multi-criteria search will return all pieces that meet specified criteria as shown in this sample search.  When viewing the results of a multi-criteria search, the criteria used are shown at the top of the page, as are additional sorting and filtering options.
The top of the Search Results page provides options for printing and saving the results to a file (.csv or Excel)
Multi-criteria search results generates an entry for each matching event on the page and the export file will have a table row for each event (as opposed to one row per mail piece).
If signature information is available, there will be a link for it in the Delivered event line.
Clicking a piece's tracking number link will bring up a printer-friendly individual result in a new browser tab/window, similar to the results of a single piece search.

Singe Piece Search Results

A single piece search always returns the information for a single mail piece matching the tracking number input, as shown in the sample search.  The following information is provided.
  • Recipient address
  • Return address
  • Mail piece information
  • Tracking information
  • Signature information link (if applicable and available)
A Printer-Friendly Version link that opens a new browser tab/window is provided.  Elements of the EZ-Confirm site unrelated to the search results (such as the tool bar) are absent in the new view.