A "Firmbook" is a postal document (USPS form 3877) that contains the following information for included mail pieces:
  • Tracking Number
  • Recipient Address
  • Affixed postage and fees may also be included under specific circumstances

A Firmbook is printed and presented to the USPS with a mailing.  The post office will date and sign the Firmbook, which then serves as legal proof of mailing, replacing the individual Certified Mail Receipts that would otherwise be needed for each mail piece.
The Firmbook page is reached through the EZ Address section of the main tool bar.
Mail pieces are displayed on the Firmbook page based on two drop-down menus:
  • The desired day range, up to 20 days
  • The account ("as user") that created the mail pieces
Other controls on the page include:
  • A check box to hide mail pieces previously included in a Firmbook
  • The "Refresh Firmbook" button to refresh the page and view changes
  • The "Create Firmbook" button to turn selected mail pieces into a Firmbook
  • The "Cancel" button to return to the account home page

Creating a Firmbook

1)  Use check boxes to control which mail pieces will be added.  A check box above this column will select all pieces.

2)  Click the "Create Firmbook" button.

By default, mail pieces will be unchecked if they have already been placed in a Firmbook and checked if they have not yet been placed in a Firmbook.
3)  A PDF of the Firmbook will appear.
4) Save or print the Firmbook using the icons in the upper right corner.