If a piece was created with the Signature Confirmation service (Confirmation Mail) or Return Receipt Electronic service (Certified Mail) selected, a recipient's signature will be available after a mail piece is delivered.  If an expected signature is not available after delivery, it must be requested through the Signature Request pages.
To request a signature, hover over the Signatures tab in the tool bar, which will open a drop-down menu.  In the drop-down menu, choose a tab based on whether the signature needs to be requested from USPS or from EII.

USPS Signature Requests

The USPS Signature Request page only allows for the request of one signature at a time by a tracking number known as the "Parcel Identification Code", or "PIC".
USPS signatures are readily available for six months after they were acquired, at which point they are archived.  An archived signature may take longer to obtain and may require additional information.  Archived signatures are purged 13 months after piece delivery, at which point they are no longer available for retrieval.

EII Signature Requests

The EII Signature Request page allows you to request multiple signatures at a time by date range and ZIP code.  Unlike the USPS, EII archives all signatures indefinitely.  EII also embeds additional information in the signature files, including the recipient's address and Record / Case#.
You have the option to receive a link to the requested signature files instead of an attachment.  This is to accommodate users whose email clients block large attachments.