Warning: This is an ESD sensitive process. A grounding strap MUST be worn for this process, due to the handling of circuitry. For more information, click here.

1)  Locate the power supply for the board on the UPS and unplug it.  Shut down the workstation PC.

  • Do not power down the entire machine.

2)  To access the location in which the board is to be installed, remove the scale stand face plate.  Loosen the four screws (two on each side) and pull the face plate outward.  

  • On older machines, the screws will need to be completely removed.

3)  Set aside the scale stand face plate.

4)  Unplug all cables from the board being replaced.

5)  Remove the four screws that attach the board to the scale stand.

  • Recycle the old board appropriately.

6)  Mount the Procyon board with the USB port facing left.  

  • It will have the same orientation of the board that was previously installed.

7)  Starting at the top left, secure the board with the screws that were removed from the board being replaced.

  • The screws should be tightened in a clockwise direction.
  • Do not tighten any screws until all have been started.

8)  Connect the cables using the picture below as a guide.

Make sure the cable connectors are oriented as shown

9)  Plug in the power to the UPS and power up the workstation PC.

  • Green flashing light (heartbeat):  Software code is running to the board
  • Yellow flashing light:  USB has activity and is communicating to the machine

10)  After ensuring that the lights are flashing correctly, replace the scale stand face plate.

11)  Tighten or re-install the four screws that secure the scale stand face plate.