If a Sato LT408 printer needs to be adjusted to print higher on the label, the following procedure must be performed:

1)  Press the Line button on the Sato display

  • The printer display will change from "ONLINE" to "OFFLINE"

2)  Press the Enter button 

  • A graphical menu with six icons will appear
  • Using the right arrow key, navigate to the top middle icon, which looks like a human head
    • Once the icon is highlighted, the display will read USER MODE

3)  Press the Enter button four additional times

  • The top of the display will read PITCH OFFSET

4)  Raise the number shown below the PITCH OFFSET heading

  • The number shown signifies the level above the default value at which the printer is printing
  • When the value is raised, each increment signifies 1 mm
  • The value should not be raised by more than 1 or 2 mm at a time

5)  When the value is raised to the necessary level, press the Enter button until the graphical menu again appears on the screen

6)  Press the Cancel button to return to the main screen

7)  Verify that the screen shows OFFLINE and press the FEED button three times

  • It is necessary to feed three labels to make the new setting take effect

8)  Press the LINE button to bring the printer back online

  • The screen will change to read ONLINE rather than OFFLINE

9)  Process a piece in the Helm or print a test piece from the Console to verify the print position on the label

  • If the print is too high, follow the above steps in order
    • When Step 4 is reached, lower the value
  • If the print is still too low, follow the above steps in order
    • When Step 4 is reached, raise the value in small increments again