If you suspect that the ring scanner is not connecting to the computer, or if an error appears stating that the camera is not connected, the following troubleshooting steps should be followed:

Ring Scanner does not connect to the computer

  • Select the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar.  
  • Click "Show Bluetooth Devices".  
  • If a device is listed, select it and click "Remove Device" from the upper toolbar.
  • Click "Add Device" in the upper toolbar.
  • Once the ring scanner appears in the list of Bluetooth devices, select it and click the button saying either "Connect" or "Pair".
  • Once the device finishes pairing, a window will appear that states "Configuring Bluetooth Services".
    • If this window does not appear at this time, it is possible that it will appear when the Champ is opened.
    • If the window does not appear at either of these times, the device did not connect properly.
  • If the device does not connect properly, re-seat the Bluetooth dongle in the same port or move it to a different port.
    • Once this is completed, the above steps will need to be repeated to remove and reconnect the device.
  • Make sure the battery for the ring scanner is fully charged.
    • If it is suspected that the battery is almost drained, replace or recharge the battery.
  • When the ring scanner is added as a Bluetooth device, the computer will assign an "Incoming" and an "Outgoing" COM port.
    • To verify this, open the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar and select "Open Settings".
  • Select the COM Ports tab and verify that an Incoming and Outgoing COM Port are assigned.
    • If these are not present, move the dongle to a different port and repeat the above steps to remove and add the device.
    • If moving the dongle to a different port does not have any effect, uninstall and reinstall the ASUS program.

Ring Scanner connects to the computer but does not work in the Champ

  • Make sure the job profile being used is set up properly.
    • The job profile must have a camera added to the profile.
      • The Camera heading must be "Motorola RRS507".
    • The OCR assigned must be ArgosyPost for machine print (if RAF is licensed) or AddressScript for handwritten pieces.
      • If multiple OCRs are being used within one profile, ArgosyPost will be assigned under the OCR heading and AddressScript will be assigned under the OCR 2 heading.
  • The ring scanner may be in the wrong mode.
  • Open ArgosyView and make sure the RAF dongle is recognized.
    • Select the Dongle and License Viewer button (looks like a dongle).
    • If it is not recognized, restart the "RAF Master" service.
      • Navigate to Start > All Programs > RAF Argosy Post > Restart Master.
    • If still not recognized, move the dongle to a different port and restart the "RAF Master" service again.

Re-pairing the Ring Scanner

While working in the Champ software, the Ring Scanner may lose connection with the computer.  Some of the possible reasons are:

  • The ring scanner is taken out of range of the computer's Bluetooth adapter.
  • The battery is removed from the ring scanner.
  • The ring scanner is left inactive for an extended period of time.

The ring scanner can be reconnected to the computer by pressing and releasing the "Reset" button on the side of the scanner.  The Champ software may not recognize that the ring scanner is reconnected, however.  To reestablish this connection with the software, you can:

  • Close and re-open the Champ software OR
  • Under the "Service Goals" options, switch from "Commercial" mode to "Retail" mode or vice-versa and then switch back.
    • This will reset the connection with the ring scanner without forcing the Champ software to be restarted.

If this method is not successful in re-pairing the ring scanner, follow the steps outlined in the above section "Ring Scanner does not connect to the computer".

For any issues scanning pieces, ArgosyView can be a good troubleshooting tool.  If open while the operator is scanning pieces, the OCR tab will show the picture of pieces being scanned.  

Camera Diagnostics in the Console can also be used to see the picture of pieces being scanned.  To use this diagnostic on the Champ though, the camera will need to be added to the Machine Profile Editor for the serial number of the machine on which the ring scanner is installed.