Before installing the new print head

Located on the top side of the print head is a silver backing plate.  This plate is secured by two small Phillips-head screws.  You will notice a red glue substance on each screw to indicate whether the screws have been tampered with.  The plate needs to be flush with the actual print head.  Two small metal tabs should be the only things sticking over the print head once complete.  To adjust the plate, loosen both screws and slide the plate by hand until in perfect position, then retighten both screws.

Removing the old print head

  • Power off the label applicator (switch on the back of the applicator)
  • Turn off the air supply to the machine (red knob located next to the air regulator on the back side of the machine)
    • The tamp should drop after a few seconds once the air has bled from the system
  • Open the SATO print cover to access the print head
  • Release the print head by pulling on the purple lever handle
  • Remove the print head
    • Pull the small purple knob located directly below the half-moon slot
    • Gently pull down on the front of the print head 
      • Flat-head screwdriver may be required to release the left side of the print head
    • Once released from the applicator body, there are two wires (power and communication) that need to be disconnected from the back of the print head
    • Once the wires are disconnected, the print head can be fully removed

Installing the new print head

  • Remove the protective tape covering the print head
  • Connect the two wires to the back of the new print head
  • Insert the new print head with the same orientation as the old print head
    • Make sure the prongs on the print head are resting above the large metal bar, indicated in the picture below
  • While pulling the small purple knob, gently push up on the new print head to snap it into place
    • The open grooves on each side of the print head will snap onto the parallel pressure bar

Pay special attention to the left side of the print head  

When pulling the purple knob, there is a small lock washer that will move from left to right.  Ensure that the clip on the left side goes to the left of this small washer as you pull the small purple knob.  Pictured below is the lock washer while pulling the purple knob.

  • Once the new print head is in place, close the print head using the purple lever handle
  • Turn on the label applicator power
  • Since it is required that the print head be released during installation, the feed button on the SATO menu screen must be pressed three times while the printer is still offline to recalibrate the labels being fed
  • Press the Line button to put the SATO back online

A video demonstration can be found at