After completing a round of mail processing, the EII software produces a job export file with information about each individual piece in the mailing. After a job is finalized, the job export file is available in several different locations in the Eii Console, as well as on the data drive of the processing PC. 

For more information on the information contained within the file, refer to the "Job Export Definitions" article. 

The following instructions demonstrate two methods of accesses the job export file from the USPS Reports tab of the Console and the hard drive.

Accessing from the Console

The first place the Job Export File is available is within the Eii Console.

1. In the Console, select the USPS reports tab.
2. Enter the date of the mailing you are searching for to narrow the field results.
3. Check the "select" box that corresponds to the report needed.
4. Hit the Export button, and choose a location to store the export file.  
5. Save the file.

Accessing from the Data Drive

Secondly, the job export file is saved to the mail processing machine's Data drive (R:).

1. Open the File Explorer and navigate to the R: Drive.
2. Open the "Manifests" folder.
3. Open the folder with the manifest ID of the mailing in question.
4. Open the "Finalized" folder.
This is where the export file will be saved as "Export_Manifest_[manifestID].csv".