These instructions outline the procedure that must be followed when cleaning the gap sensor on the Sato S84-ex Printer.

Note: At no time should you remove or disassemble the sensor. The three (3) screws securing the sensor to the printer should never be loosened or removed. Contact Eii Support if you have ever loosened or removed any of these screws. 

1. Open the gap sensor by pulling the PUSH/PULL tab.
2. Clean all surfaces that can be reached with either denatured or isopropyl alcohol.
Note: DO NOT use Goo Gone.
3. Remove the black plate on the top section of the sensor by turning the silver knob on top of the gap sensor counter-clockwise.
4. Clean all parts of the black plate, especially around the rectangular hole. 
5. Clean the four (4) plastic rollers and any other surfaces that can be reached.
- DO NOT remove any parts.
- DO NOT remove the roller shaft.
- DO NOT push the rod that houses the four (4) plastic rollers. This will cause it to eject from the sensor and reinstallation is VERY difficult

If you have ever performed any of these, please contact Eii Support to resolve the associated complications. 
- DO NOT loosen or remove the screws on the grey plate.
6. Reattach the black plate by inserting the tab on the black plate into the hole on the far end of the gap sensor.

7. Align the threaded hole with the silver knob. Turn the silver knob clockwise until snug.
Note: It is normal for the 4 rollers to rub against the metal plate when protruding from the rectangular hole.