1)  Hover over the EZ Address tab in the tool bar.
  • This will open a drop-down menu.

2)  In the drop-down menu, go from Address Mail to either the Confirmation Mail tab or the Certified Mail tab.
Address Mail menu selections will be unavailable if you have no appropriate transactions.  If you have no transactions, the entire Address Mail menu will be unavailable.

3)  Make sure the return address is correctly displayed in the Current Return Address window on the left side of the screen.
  • If the return address is incorrect, follow the steps in article Setting the Return Address to change it.

4)  Enter the Recipient Address
  • Manually - Information can be manually entered into the address fields
  • Quick Address - Any address from your address book can be selected from the Quick Address drop-down list.

5)  Select the appropriate mail class from the drop-down list.
Confirmation Mail

6)  Check the special services you wish to include.
7)  If a Record/Case# will be entered, choose the desired label placement from the drop-down list.
Certified Mail

8)  If a notice is required, select it from the Notices drop-down list.

9)  Enter the Record/Case# if applicable.
10)  If desired, add notes in the Personal Memo field.
these notes will NOT appear on the mail piece, but the creating account and its parent account(s) will see the memo in Mailing History and Track Mail results.
11)  To prevent a validation check being performed on an address, uncheck the Standardize this Address box, which is selected by default.
12)  Select Add to Address Book to save the address to the address book.  A Record/Case# value will be saved with the address entry.
13)  Click Submit to continue or Clear Form to start over.

14)  After clicking Submit, a Mail Label Preview page will appear.

15)  Click Submit to accept the address as it appears or Edit Label to make further changes.
16)  After clicking Submit on the preview page, a PDF of the address label will display.

17)  To print the label, click the printer icon.  To save the label by downloading it, click the arrow icon.