Rate Case 2018 Release Notes

Rate Case 2018 is currently installed on all systems. Though not great in number, there were some significant changes since the OCR update in August of 2017.


In December, EII released a critical update to sites that had issues with Drop shipping and Full Service. This update (3.9.169) was a precursor for the rate case as some of its fixes were required for the rate case patch. That release was applied just before the rate case was applied to insure the next release installed properly. The Rate Case 2018 (3.9.190) release supports all of the new rates and documents that were required for submission of mail after January 21st, and includes some of the accruing fixes and features from the previous patch releases. The following are the larger and more well known of the features and fixes in the two patches.


3.9.169 updates:

1.  Account Profile Editor won't save if Mail Owner MID and CRID blank or zero. (bug fix) Some accounts that didn’t have a Mail Owner MID or Crid were unable to save.

2.  Drop sites with leading-zero zips not reporting correctly in mail.dat files. (bug fix) When drop shipping to NDC facilities with a leading-zero zipcode (ie. New Jersey or Springfield, MA), mail.dat files were converting to integer and dropping the zeroes. This caused the mail for those facilities to appear as local entry or Seattle mail.

3.  Support for Mail.dat on .net4.5 and mail.dat v17-2. This update allowed EII software to work with the latest Windowbook software and support mail.dat format 17-2 for the rate case.

4.  Account Profile Editor supports Mail owner MID and CRID for eVS. This update added the Mail Owner MID to the SSF data that is uploaded into the Postal Data Exchange.


3.9.190 updates:

  1.  Postal Rates for January 2018 Rate Case. Rate tables have been updated with rates released in the final release from the PRC.

  2.  PS forms updated for January 2018 Rate Case. All Postal Forms have changed to some degree.


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