Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud  to announce the following additions and improvements made to the USPS  Outgoing software. These improvements add onto the previous version, To see these changes, make sure you have installed version

New Features and Improvements
Introduced the EZ-PRO scale, compatible with all Eii systems that utilize piece weighing.
Added IScale implementation to connect with the new EZ-PRO scale.
EZ-PRO scale component types and options added to the database.
Developed additional database checks for patches and maintenance.
Human readable address added to 6" labels printed by the Champ

Resolved Issues
Centered banner text on parcel class Weber tags.
Resolved flaw in dynamic sortation of Standard Flats.
Removed redundant steps in the finalization process of flats to reflect newer postal FSS standards.
Added choice between small flat rate and Priority Mail zone based rate to the FC Parcel Billing Profile.
Added functionality to print tub tags for schemed destinations.
New message to warn our Parascript users that they are out of clicks.
Resolved calculation error in Account/Class Breakdown report.
Sort Profile now assigns dynamic 3-digit and 5-digit parents.
EZ-Confirm is always select-able for Parcels on the Champ.
The Champ now facilitates switching Job Profiles with separate Sort Profiles.
Updated "Future Shipment Date" option.
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