Engineering Innovation, Inc.  is proud to announce the following additions and improvements made to  our USPS Outgoing software. These improvements add onto the previous version,

Please Note: While Support Patch 3.9.327.0 is now available, and EII is attempting to get this patch out before the upcoming Rate Case patch, we predict this may not happen for all sites. Therefore, it will be   automatically installed in conjunction with the Rate Case patch, which is required at all sites. If you are interested in receiving Support Patch 3.9.327.0 before January 18, please contact EII customer support and a representative will be able to install it for you. Each job must be sorted and finalized before installation can begin. Please contact EII Support if you have any questions!


New Features and Improvements
Added support for TLS 1.2 secure communication to the PC Postage system.
Added a mechanism to the FC Facade to retry its connection to the EvsApi at any time.
Added the option to switch between deleting files from the database based on time or number of files present.
Logging improved for SProcs Sorting procedure.
Site Profile Editor now references the dynamic EZ-Confirm library.
Accounts created in the Account Profile Editor now automatically generate a department by default.
The FC Facade now starts automatically after reboot.
Removed the close button from Shipping Services File generation form during file creation.
Removed call to unsupported version of the MailDat API.
Updated log messages on the PBPC Postage Authentication credentials.
Export files created in the Console can be named during exportation.
Database backups rename their output files to indicate a successful  run, and  the  Patch Installer checks for the existence of a successful  backup  before running.
Added queuing function to the installer to ensure only one patch can install at a time.

Resolved Issues
Redesigned UMove address line on 2" labels.
Reduced how frequently "Serial Printer Connection Error" messages appear if the Helm sits idle.
Champ  jobs not set to use Parascript will  no longer display a message   informing the operator that the Champ needs  more Parascript clicks.

A flats bundle can no longer be assigned to two different trays in Mail.dat.
Improved placement of Temp-Return Service endorsement in label layout
Applications now check patch history when updating.
Mapped network drives (R:\ or Z:\) on the Champ reconnect automatically upon system restart.
Length limit added for the "Company Name" value in PC Postage.
Improved Account Profile Editor output.
Added warning message for unsupported package types on the Champ.
Using the "Get" call on a SSF no longer logs the SSF in the main log file.
Using the "Get" call on a SSF no longer logs the SSF in the main log file.
Updated error message structure in the Evs API.
Removed the "TransactionId" property from the EvsAPI manifests.
Ensured each H1 Record in will have a unique EFN.
FapiFacade now sets the Mid property in H1 records.
Updated the Buffalo ASF's classification in the Drop Ship Wizard.
USPS Reports now assign pieces for offshore destinations as "local entry drops".
Validation procedure improved in the Account Profile Editor.
The Database Backup tool now recognizes local and external storage devices for backup locations.
FC Parcels are now included in the Parcels Sort Profile Template in the EII Console.
Improved the "Import" function in the Account Profile Editor.
Renamed "Print BMC" to "Print NDC" in the EII Console.
Account Profile Editor will no longer allow the user to make changes while a account is being loaded.
Added call to the Stabilize Query Optimizer in EII.Databases.iss File.
Improvements made to the Account Profile Editor.
Improvements to the Sort Profile Editor.
Improved performance with the Label Printer Test\Diagnostics.
Added warning message when mail piece would change status due to its dimensions.
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