Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud to announce the following additions and improvements made to the USPS Outgoing software. These improvements add onto the previous version, 3.9.327. To see these changes, make sure you have installed software version 3.9.339 or later.

New Features and Improvements
Added a Console plugin that allows the user to check for Sort Profiles that are invalid under the current label list
Disabled the "Combine" and "Sort" buttons for jobs that use different label lists
Combined the "Open Jobs" and "Closed Jobs" columns in the Label List Viewer into one "Jobs" column
Combined the functionality of the Standalone importer and the Label List importer into a single, automatic importer, and removed label list import functionality from the console
Added functionality to the new label list importer application, including:
  • Automatically deleting previous iterations of label lists not associated with a job
  • Added recognition for difference in versions of list, updating the version table when changes are detected
  • Added logging capabilities
  • Allowed the label list importer to run silently
  • Added a procedure to fetch job count for label list versions

Label list information is now available in the Mail Piece Editor, and in all export files
Added a Label List Viewer to the Importer tool

Resolved Issues
Versioning information stays with jobs after finalization
Mail piece prices updated in Champ software for zone-weight Priority Mail
New version of the MailDat installer created to match Cache-able Label List update
Puerto Rican NDC pieces now remain visible in the Helm
Added limits to acceptable  dimensions to Champ software, based on maximum dimensions for the  oversized parcel select ground class
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