Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud to announce the following additions and improvements made to the USPS Outgoing software. These improvements add onto the previous version, 3.9.345.0. To see these changes, make sure you have installed version 3.9.496.

New Features and Improvements

Updated the uEye camera defaults on EZ-Flat and Workdesk machines

Updated customer login credentials

Created a "MachineResetTool" executable that can be requested by customers who need to remove licenses from machines disconnected from the internet

Added all label lists to the "Label List Viewer", even those not associated with a job

Added log messages for instances where a label is written in a language unsupported by the printer

Added error message to the account profile editor for instances where files are uploaded with unexpected blank fields

Removed the "Zone" function from the Database lookup

Moved the LabelListImporter to a standalone plugin on the EII Console

Updated the electronic Form 8125 to automatically check the "Mail Class-Std" option for both NonAuto Std and NonAuto Nonprofit Std options

"Is Move" column will now appear on all files exported from the Mail Piece Editor

Resolved Issues

Updated the Piece ID field in the log messages for the RAF Binarizer

Added error message for creating a new job under the same name as an existing job

Added a requirement to the Account Profile for users to enter a unique Custom Account Number before saving a profile

Added test functionality to the Printer Diagnostics on the Console to test the Tag Printer

Added a message to inform the user if Acrobat wasn't installed during an import of accounts into the Account Profile Editor

Updated service type codes in the Account Profile Editor

Removed redundant messages from the EII.Console logs

Added warning message to prevent closing the SSF creation form prematurely

Updated the SSF generation procedure to filter out non-resolved pieces

Added the ability to search for single pieces in the Mail Piece Editor

Standardized Sort Profile forms in accordance with other Console forms

Added a warning message about attempting to export an unnamed job to Champ machine

Updated restrictions on pieces with offshore destinations

Added the "WKG" categorization to container options for Finalization procedures

Updated tray tag label format

Returned indicator of Schemed 5-digit zip codes to 10th piece tags

Restored 10th piece tag print functionality

Updated how the Finalization GUI updates the "Label To" field

Differentiated between NDC and SCF drops to the same facility within CSF on the Fly

Updated billing functionality for 2019 rates

Restored 3600 form generation for First Class Parcels

Added Retail Rates to billing profile editors

Restored user controls for First Class Parcels

Reintroduced toggle options for 13oz retail rates

Integrated vendor update to mail.dat finalization in the EII Console

Ran a SQL script to fix a job sortation error

Extended timeouts to allow for larger database transactions

Improved clean-up of deleted EZ-Confirm account IDs

Added check to sortation logic that the intended destination is available from the initial mailing location

Increased the frequency with which the Job Archive tool is run by default

Fixed the FC Parcels Billing Profile buttons for "Retail Rate for parcels of 13 oz"

Restored user customization of BPM Parcels billing profiles
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