In accordance with the 2019 rate changes announced by the United States Post Office, Engineering Innovation, Inc. is announcing the following updates to all software that incorporates USPS postage rates.

New Features and Improvements
Updated all reports to match the naming conventions and line numbers in the June 2019 USPS Price Files (which can be viewed at https://postalpro.usps.com/June2019PriceChangeReleaseOverview)
Expanded zone matrix exceptions to include "00" and "99"

Removed zone restrictions that limited dimensional weight calculations to specific zones and package sizes

Updated dimensional weight divisor to match new USPS rates

Replaced balloon weight calculations with dimensional weight calculations
Updated format of Priority Mail Open and Distribute labels to match the new USPS regulations
Improved Priority Mail Open and Distribute destination selection on the Champ mail processor
Added a dimensional weight field to the ComfimDelivery and EZ-Confirm manifest files
Expanded rate indicators across all USPS Outgoing software

Resolved Issues
Restored PSDE mail piece functionality within the Helm
Closed a memory leak within the Champ report viewer library
Added drop-shipped mail piece pricing to the Billing reports
Added messages warning that a label list is expired to the Helm and Champ interfaces.
Added manual reject keying for flat rate envelopes in the Champ
Restored "Profit" view functionality in the Billing Profile Editor
Increased the frequency with which USPS report job information is refreshed, to improve performance
Improved communication between the EII Server and Supply Manager
Restored functionality to Mail Piece Editor that allows changing the account associated with a mail piece
Removed the parental inheritance trait from the Custom Account # field in Account Profile Editor
Restored Drop Site tubs to Non-Profit Standard Flats finalization tab
Updated Parcel Select Light price-adjustment buttons
Improved handling of offshore mail piece destination facilities
Improved Account export files to prevent misnamed billing profiles
Updated Billing Profile user interface to reflect rate calculations
Updated the First Class Parcels billing profile's copying procedure for extra services charges.
Updated the Presorted billing profile's copying procedure for zone 8 and 9 rates.
Improved zone assignment on SGLP flats
Increased time the SQL database can remain inactive before timeout
Updated the "Girth" value reporting in Shipping Services File generation
Added toggle button to the Champ interface to indicate if the package being processed is rectangular or non-rectangular
Added heights and width dimension fields to the Champ dimensional fields (previously only length and girth)

Please Note: The rate changes accounted for by this software release become required  on June 23rd. If your machines are not running software version 3.9.519 by Sunday the 23rd, those machines will be out of compliance.

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