Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud to announce the following additions and improvements made to the USPS Outgoing  software. These improvements add onto the previous version, 3.9.519.0.  To see these changes, make sure you have installed version 3.9.545.0.

New Features and Improvements
Updated the list of valid  OpenAndDistributeMailClassEnclose values provided by EII software to  vendor Priority Mail Open and Distribute services, to account for new  USPS requirements
Implemented rescan functionality to associate piece ID with rescanned barcode

Resolved Issues
Adjusted Helm and Champ requirements to no longer need a powered printer on startup
Added error message to the Champ for duplicate job names

Corrected postal rates in EII's rate tables for Parcel Select Destination Entry pieces
Integrated DATMAIL DLLs into EII APIs
Restored ring scanner functionality within the Champ software 
Removed support for APO/FPO Military mail, in order to comply with  APO/FPO rules for electronic submission
Changed the default Local Entry value in the Drop Ship Wizard to "_____" instead of "00000"
Updated the Drop Ship Wizard to properly display the State of the Local Entry value.
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