Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud to announce the following  additions and improvements made to the USPS Outgoing  software. These  improvements add onto the previous version, 3.9.546.0.  To see these changes, make sure you have installed version 3.9.558.0.

New Features and Improvements

Improved patch installer to better detect machines with Second-pass features

Resolved Issues

Improved account profile loading speed in the EII console

Improved customer profile importation process to the Console

Improved piece location tracking and reporting on the EZ-Flats Autofeed

Improved machine stop error reporting on the EZ-Flats Autofeed

Removed minimum weight requirements for flats

Adjusted reject criteria to differentiate scale and spacing rejects on the EZ-Flats Autofeed

Differentiated Barcode Rejects and Print rejects

Added a scale reject error for a mail piece registering at a negative weight

Increased maximum number of accounts/departments the Champ can present during job startup

Known Issues

We like to keep our customers in the loop about known issues that are currently under review at EII. If you are running into any of the following problems, please know that we are aware and working to rectify it for all customers.

Champ crash/error states when using a Ring Scanner and Parascript OCR in combination.
  • If you experience problems with Champ startup, please reach out to EII  Support to troubleshoot, or for assistance in setting up a Job Profile  that disables those features until a complete resolution is found.

Current Workarounds:

  • Try running the Champ application as administrator by Right Clicking on Champ.exe and selecting “Run As Administrator"
  • Use a Job Profile that utilizes RAF Smart Match keying instead of Parascript as the OCR

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