In  accordance with the 2021 rate changes announced by the United States  Post Office, Engineering Innovation, Inc. is announcing the following  updates to all software that incorporates USPS postage rates. For more information on the rate changes themselves, visit this page to read the USPS announcement.

These changes add onto the previous software version, 3.9.565.0. To see these changes, make sure you have installed version 3.9.566.0

New Features and Improvements
Reviewed changes in rates for the MailRateImporter price spreadsheet
Updated MailRateImporter's appconfig file
Created rate import script
Created new pricing script
Verified Database table rates
Updated USPS pdf files to match required pdf format
Internal, highlighting pdf differences
Updated USPS Reports files, and replaced outdated files
Internal, new xml format files
Updated USPS Report source files
Updated prices in ConfirmDelivery's database
Updated prices in ConfirmDelivery's firmbook
Updated ConfirmDelivery's Confirmation and Certified rate charts
Updated rate sheets for ConfirmDelivery
Updated prices in ConfirmDelivery's IMpb extra services table
Made patch mandatory within WinApp
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