Engineering Innovation, Inc. is proud to announce the following additions and improvements made to the USPS Outgoing software. These improvements add onto the previous version, 3.9.579.0. To see these changes, make sure you have installed version 3.9.583.0.

New Features and Improvements
Improved Champ job startup behavior to prevent crashes on job start
New Job sessions now check Sort Profiles for duplicate tubs prior to startup
Account Profile Editor now references exact Account/Department/Mail Class for MID/CRID assignment errors in Class tab
Combine and Sort now calculates piece totals in Combine dialogue

Resolved Issues
Oversized fees on Priority pieces no longer calculated twice in sortation reports
Improved mixed Itemized Manifest Summary postage total calculation
MASS Helm Parascript functionality restored
Reject label functionality improved to no longer partially overprint text on top of PieceID barcode
Corrected USPS provided rates for First Class Parcel classes to prevent “Postage Affixed does not match Eii calcluation” errors
Restored PieceID search functionality in Billing->Search tab
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